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livia radwanski
Oct 13, 2016

Latest publication on Mexican magazine Gatopardo. Photographs of the Palo Alto Cooperative. 

Palo Alto Cooperative was one of the architecture and social/ community projects selected by curator and architect Pablo Landa and Mexican commitee to be part of the 15. Mostra Internazionalle  di Architettura di Venezia with the theme "Reporting from the front". For over 35 years the inhabitants of the Palo Alto neihborhood have been fighting to remain in the land  they once arrived to become mine workers.  Due to land speculation in the Santa Fe neighborhood in  Mexico City in the 70s, they were "invited" to leave the land which had been their home since their arrival from Michoacan state in the 40s. They resited eviction and created a cooperative in which the land is not private and there is only one property deed. The Pantalon building, which is the symbol of the Mexican financial center, directly contrasts with the humble homes of the cooperative which is constantly under pressure from land developers and political vultures. More on Palo Alto and publications on my WEBSITE.

Livia Radwanski ^ Photo + Video

Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Livia lives and works in Mexico City as a freelance photographer and filmmaker.
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